The Official Canoeing SA Paddler Portal

Welcome to the new Paddler Portal for Canoeing South Africa! Here you will be able to purchase or renew your Canoeing SA membership and licenses, along with keeping your personal profile up to date. This Portal allows you to view and enter upcoming events. Entry is available for individuals, and on behalf of other paddlers.

The Official Club Administration Portal

This Portal enables any Club Administrator to manage their respective paddlers’ details. More exciting features to be added soon!

The Official Union Administration Portal

This Portal enables any Union Administrators to manage their Clubs, Paddlers and allocate Safety Officers. Licenses and Educational Facilities can also be added.

The Official Safety Officer Portal

This Portal allows any verified Safety Officers to manage relevant club’s paddler proficiencies online.

The Official Canoeing South Africa Administration Portal

This Portal allows any Canoeing South Africa verified Administrator to manage relevant details on behalf of the fraternity.